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6 Proven Steps to Internet Marketing:
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5 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Publish a News Feed:
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Making Money Online: Where To Start?

Posted on August 3rd, 2007 in Business by Aaron

There are a lot of ways to make money online, but many people may have a hard time deciding what they want to start out doing. In this article I would like to go over a few possible ways you can make money.

1. Make Money Filling Out Surveys

Surprisingly, the web offers you the ability to make money off simply filling out surveys. All you have to do is a find a company that pays you to fill them out (which there are a ton of), and you’re set. The main problem with this method, however, is simply that a lot of the times it doesn’t pay well, or pay at all. You have to really do your research if you want to make good money on this, and find the best companies.

2. Make Money Reading Emails

One way to make money on the internet is simply to read emails. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, maybe it is. There are many companies that will pay you to read emails. They can afford to do this because advertisers pay them, and then they give you part of that money. However, a whole lot of these “Paid to Read” companies simply don’t pay, or pay practically nothing per email. One of the major ones I used to use paid like 1 cent or less per email, and with only a few emails a day tops it was pretty much worthless unless you managed to get a gazillion referrals. I guess the point here is that you either have to do really good research, or score a whole lot of referrals with one of the larger “Paid to Read” companies if you want to make decent money.

3. Affiliate Programs

This is the main way I make money online. Affiliate programs pay you either on sales commissions, 1000 impressions, per click, or per lead. The best way to make money off these programs is to develop websites with heavy traffic flows that have affiliate links on them. This will give you an income that is continual and may only require maintenance, rather than one that requires you to read emails or fill out surveys every day. However, it will also likely be harder to get going.

4. Selling Products

Selling products online is a great way to score some big time green. However, there may be a lot of complications you will have to deal with. Are the products real or virtual? If they’re real, where are you getting them? Can you get them cheap enough so that you can mark them up and people will still buy them? How are you going to deal with shipping, warehousing, billing? As you can see, selling products may not be the easiest way to make money online. However, it may yield the greatest return.



Make Money With An Internet Business: Have Patience

Posted on August 2nd, 2007 in Business by Aaron

The problem with many new online entrepreneurs these days is their absolute lack of patience. They want to start up new ventures, and they want to succeed right away. They look at all the testimonials on turnkey solutions and get rich quick schemes and think, “Hey, that could be me!”. Well yes, that could be you, but:

It isn’t going to happen overnight.

I’m tired of hearing about the supposed people who go from rags to riches in a matter of days. Even if this is true, which it more than likely is not, chances are that you aren’t going to be lucky enough to do it too. Thus, I suggest you get those thoughts of being rich within days out of your head.

Patience is a highly sought virtue among online entrepreneurs. If you don’t have it, well, you don’t have nearly as high a chance of success. But hey, people can change, so I’d suggest if you don’t have any patience you get some, and get it quick. After all, patience doesn’t just apply to making money off an internet business, it applies to life in general!

If you’re going to throw your computer against the wall from having to wait too long for success, you might as well throw it now.

Why? Simply put, it will save you the pain and frustration along the way before you actually end up throwing the computer against the wall. But, when I say “now” I’d prefer if you first finished reading this amazingly cool article )

In my experience as a successful online entrepreneur I have found that patience ranks as one of the top aspects of success. Trying opportunity after opportunity is a normality among successful entrepreneurs, and I suggest you get used to this “keep trying until you succeed” train of thought. The patience will be necessary to overcome many failures, roadblocks, and other nasty things along the way.



Make Money with an Online Business: Ad Placement

Posted on August 1st, 2007 in Business by Aaron

By now you should have found the right advertisers for your business, and picked out the right type of advertisements. However, the placement of these advertisements is absolutely crucial to your success in optimizing your online business. Thus, I will expand upon the strategies behind the optimal placement of advertisements on a website.

Placing your ads correctly can make a ridiculously big difference.

Recently, with one of my websites I switched up the ad placement and watched the revenues multiply ten fold! It was at that point that I truly realized how big of a deal ad placement actually is, and boy is it big. If you don’t have much experience with ad placement, that’s alright. It’s not the most complicated thing to deal with. It’s pretty much just changing things up and doing some performance analysis, then changing things up again. Eventually, you’ll reach the point where you’ve tried all possible scenarios, and have reached a verdict on your optimal ad placement.

Trial and error is one of the best ways to figure out your top ad placement, but there are a few general guidelines you might want to follow so that you avoid taking random shots for a long period of time:

1. Don’t place ads way out of line with the rest of the page.

Throwing ads in wacky places way out of line with the page is pointless, and simply won’t work. An example would be putting an ad way off to the side such that a visitor has to scroll sideways to reach it (depending on the resolution of course). Typically, you want your ads to be positioned for an 800×600 resolution user and up. Many sites are changing to an overall width of 1000 or so, but there is still a large enough percentage of visitors using 800×600 that it will be worthwhile to accommodate them.

2. Place ads within and around your content.

Placing your ads right along with your content forces visitors to notice them, and hopefully take interest. One of the best advertising programs to do this with is Google Adsense, since you can throw text links right in with your text content on the page. This results in really high click through rates, and many times good earnings per 1000 impressions.

3. Place ads so that they aren’t too annoying.

Annoying your visitors is the last thing you want to do. Place your ads so that they aren’t ridiculously annoying, because if they are the visitors will be more likely to pay less attention to them, other than angrily attempting to close or ignore them. Don’t expect sales from annoying your visitors, and also don’t expect them to come back. Even if you do experience a surge in earnings at the start of your implementation, you will lose out in the long run.

And that about wraps it up for my articles on monetization and making money with advertisements on your online business. If you have anything else related to this topic that you would like me to dive into just let me know. Cheers!

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Making Money with an Online Business: Picking Ads

Posted on July 31st, 2007 in Business by Aaron

Alright, by now you should have figured out what genres your site fits within and what type of traffic you get. You also should have been able to find advertisers that suit your needs. Next on the list is figuring out which ads to use out of the ones offered by your chosen advertisers.

Picking the right ads will generate higher interest in them.

If you pick an ad that’s not flashy at all, and happens to be downright boring, don’t expect that many people to click on it. I mean after all, not just any ad can grab the attention of your visitors. Think of it from your own perspective when you’re surfing the web. Nowadays a lot of people don’t pay attention to ads at all, and they just kind of zone them out of their vision. Thus, when you pick the ads you want, make sure they at least grab your attention. Maybe check with friends or family to see what they think, whether you do it through blind testing (putting an ad on a page with other content and seeing if they take notice of it), or whether you simply ask them straight up if it grabs their attention.

Do all types of ads have to be attention-grabbing or flashy? No! There are some ads that don’t need to be flashy at all because of the context in which they are placed. These ads are highly effective, and tend to blend in with written articles, allowing them to achieve very high click through rates! What are they? Text link ads.

Text link ads integrated with content are highly effective.

The best example of text link ads are the ones managed by Google Adsense, which i discussed in my previous article. When you correctly integrate them with your content you will achieve fantastic click through results! The combination of well-targeted text links with written content is a slam dunk combo, but don’t take my word for it. Give it a shot!

Where exactly should you place any ads for maximum revenue optimization? I will get into that in my next article, so stay tuned.

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Monetizing An Online Business: Finding Advertisers

Posted on July 31st, 2007 in Business by Aaron

In this article I am continuing on about Monetization. At this point you should know how to choose which advertisers will work the best for you. Thus, you know what genres your business fits in, and what type of traffic you’re receiving, but where do you find the right advertisers?

Finding the right advertisers can be difficult.

It may take quite a bit of time and research to find the the advertisers that fit the best with your business. Checking out sites that have a wide array of advertisers with nifty search engines may be one of your best options, such as Commission Junction. Other advertising agencies with wide arrays of advertisers include Click Booth, Fast Click, Search Cactus,, and many more. Some of them may require network approval.

But, is there a way to avoid having to search for a best fit advertiser and still get pretty good results? Well, luckily for you there is:

Google provides a stellar targeted advertising service.

It’s called Google Adsense, and it is so targeted that it actually will change its advertisements based on the content of each individual page of a website. You can’t get much better targeting than that!

What are the negatives to Google Adsense? Well, if you know your traffic would be producing a lot of sales on commission with the right targeted advertisements, you may simply not make as much money. I would suggest experimenting with Google Adsense and other targeted pay per sale advertisers to see which one gives the best payouts. Or, if you know your traffic would result in a lot of free surveys being filled out or something of that nature, the same thing applies. In a best case scenario you can effectively implement both Google Adsense and another pay per sale or pay per free offer completed advertiser at the same time!

There is still more to come on monetizing an online business, so stay tuned.

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Monetizing An Online Business: Choosing Advertisers

Posted on July 31st, 2007 in Business by Aaron

I recently had a request to expand upon the general idea of business monetization. There are many different aspects of monetization, and in this particular article I would like to discuss the process of choosing the right advertisers for your business.

Choosing the right advertisers makes all the difference.

Whether your core business is selling products or simply generating ad revenues, choosing the right advertisers is important to achieve optimal business monetization. Of course, it’s much more important for those who make all their money off the advertisements )

So where to begin? First, you need to take a look at the content of your business. Decide upon a few general genres your business seems to fit within. Then, think about your traffic. Is your traffic going to be credit card ready buyers? Are you likely to make a lot of commissions on actual sales? Or, is your traffic going to be the sort of people that typically don’t make as many purchases, but like to complete free offers such as surveys?

Matching your visitors with the advertisements is monumental.

Once you figure this out it will have quite a large impact on which advertisers you choose. There are a gazillion pay per sale advertisers on the web. After all, in this way they know they’re paying you for real results. There are also quite a few pay per survey, or pay per completion of other free offers advertisers. Pay per click or pay per impressions advertisers can also be great for pretty much any type of traffic! Whichever one you choose, try to make it as much related to your business content as possible!

In my next article I will further expand upon the specifics of monetization, so stay tuned.

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Starting An Online Business: Target Market

Posted on July 30th, 2007 in Business by Aaron

A common misconception when starting online businesses is that when you build a business, the right customers will come. I’m sorry, but this is not the case. Truth be told, anyone building an online business needs to take the target market for that business into consideration. The idea of a target market and how to use it will be the focus of this article.

Reaching the right target market is of extreme importance.

Why? Let’s say you just started an online wheel chair selling business. Instead of thinking about what proper target market you should be shooting for, you just decide to do a bunch of non-targeted advertising on random websites. Low and behold, you make very few to no sales, losing money on your advertising investment. What’s the problem? You targeted a completely general audience, the majority of which simply have no use for wheel chairs. You should have been targeting the elderly population, of which a high percentage will need a wheel chair at one time or another.

Is there an exception to this rule? Well, there may be certain things that can be advertised to virtually everyone, including things such televisions, beds, etc. However, for the most part it’s always good to do some kind of targeting. Although targeting a television may not be necessary since everyone has a need for one, it may be helpful to weed out the younger population (less than say, 12 years old), since this population typically won’t have the resources to buy a television. Yes, the child could go to their parents and do the “I want, I want” routine, but overall the advertisement simply won’t be quite as appealing to the flat broke youngster in comparison to the money-making population. Thus, as a general rule of thumb it’s a good idea to do some targeting even with products that appeal to a general audience.

Once you reach your target market, you will reap the rewards.

Reaching your target market makes advertising ridiculously effective in comparison to advertising to a general audience. You will see a much higher CTR (click through rate) percentage, along with a much higher eCPM (earnings per 1000 impressions) dollar amount. In this way you will be fully optimizing your business!

In order to make sure you are reaching your target market in the first place, be sure to partake in performance analysis. Also, be sure to fully monetize your business so that you can take full advantage of the target market when you do reach it. For the best overall results, try to make sure you’re reaching your target market right at the beginning when you first launch your business.

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Wired Web Inc. Launches

Posted on July 29th, 2007 in Wired by Aaron

Wired Web Inc. has just launched, an image rating site based on how much you would pay to “hit it”, or whether you would simply “pass”. The site is quite humorous, and has more goodies in the works. Currently, there is a top 10 members display based on the highest average “offer” received to “hit it”.

Nice! How Much?

When interviewed, Wired Web Inc. Co-Owner Josh had the following to say, “Let me tap that ass for free!”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

His partner Aaron noted, “This site is one giant step for Wired Web Inc., and one glorious step towards filling the internet with painfully pointless yet addicting websites.”

Well, there you have it. Now hurry up and join the latest internet revolution at

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Starting An Online Business: The Launch

Posted on July 29th, 2007 in Business by Aaron

Often times businesses are started without any type of real launch, and this is a mistake. The launch of any online business is a key factor in the overall success of that business later on down the road. Thus, I wish to articulate on the topic of launching a business further in this article.

A good business launch creates good momentum.

It is easily noticeable how new businesses in the offline world have grand openings or extravagant launches, and the online world shouldn’t be much different. Yes, success can be achieved without a big launch, as it can with any business offline or online. However, it is much more practical to get started with a big bang and get the momentum rolling. After all, who wouldn’t want a nice big chunk of cash in revenues the first day of business?

When I say get good momentum, what do I mean? Pulling in healthy revenues, getting new visitors/customers, getting your name out there, and getting quality attention. Of course, you also will need to provide good customer service for this type of momentum to maintain its effectiveness. After all, return customers are vital to business success. Also, be sure to have monetized well so that you can take full advantage of your huge visitor/customer flow that first day.

A good launch will be a great start.

Without having a “launch” of some sort, you will be starting out with no customers/visitors, no revenues, no attention, no nothing! It will be like you have this business, but nobody knows or cares about it. Then, somehow you’re supposed to make money off this unknown business? It’s a very long and hard road, but I won’t say it isn’t doable. At any rate, as I’m sure you figured out by now, I would highly recommend having some sort of launch for any new online business you start.


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